Locker Management Solutions

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Electronic Lockers

Traka's intelligent locker solutions safeguard your assets with our secure storage, RFID detection and charging facilities. In environments where shared portable equipment is not always treated with respect and is prone to being lost, damaged or mislaid the ability to identify who and when last used a specific piece of equipment, tool or device, can be essential management information.

Traka provides a very effective way to control access to, and traceability of, equipment usage. At the same time Traka systems encourage significantly higher levels of user accountability and hence responsibility which often results in less damage, fewer losses and reduced operating costs for your business.

A full audit trail is recorded of exactly who removed what asset, when it was taken and when it was returned, holding your staff accountable. Additional features such as curfews can be utilized so that if assets haven’t been returned at a designated time, management can be notified. In addition, fault logging can be used to report any issues with devices either as minor faults in which case management are notified, but the device can still be dispensed or major faults where the device or asset will be locked in place, preventing it from being released to another user until it has been fixed.

Traka intelligent lockers come in various different shapes and sizes, our electronic lockers include, tablet lockers, laptop lockers, personnel lockers, modular lockers and bespoke lockers to meet all of your requirements. They can also have a combination of charging facilities, RFID tagging technology and secure storage with a vareity of different access methods including; biometric fingerprint reader, access control cards/ tokens or PIN code entry.

Laptop Lockers and Tablet Lockers

Our intelligent laptop locker and tablet lockers enable you to maintain total control by determining who can access your valuable assets. 

Modular Lockers

Traka’s Modular Lockers provide the flexible framework to create a locker system that precisely fits the needs of any organisation.

Workplace lockers

Traka’s unique workplace lockers can also be offered as a simple standalone solution to provide secure storages.

Bespoke Lockers

When a customer’s requirement falls outside of our standard locker systems, Traka can develop custom key cabinets that works precisely for the organisation’s needs. 

Body Worn Camera Lockers

Traka’s Body Worn Camera Lockers solution has been developed to meet the growing demands on high profile organisations. In line with increasing demands on staff, and regulation in some sectors, Body Worn cameras are fast becoming a valuable device that…  

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management is the process of managing user credentials and locker details to ensure that only the intended users have access to any specific locker compartment at any point in time. 

Modes of use

Traka locker systems can be configured in a number of ways, providing the precise level of intelligence needed to give your organisation total control over its valuable assets and critical processes.