Proximity Readers

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Traka lets you use the credentials you already have. 

You can use existing access credentials already in use at your facility to access your Traka system, making user setup and administration effortless.

Many organizations already use proximity or swipe cards with their access control system. Your Traka key cabinets and lockers can be fitted with the right readers to interface with the technology already in place, making Traka authentication as easy as badging in the front door.

For an added layer of security, card authentication can be paired with a per-user PIN code, which must be inputted as a secondary method of verifying the user. This means that a lost or stolen access card in itself will not compromise the security of your protected items.

Proximity Reader Features

  • Readers available to work with existing credentials

  • Streamlines user setup and authentication

  • Users can authenticate and access the Traka system in seconds

  • Pair with secondary PIN code authentication for added security