Dual Channel GNSS Locked OCXO 10 MHz Frequency Reference

Dual channel GNSS locked OCXO, 10 MHz frequency reference with PPS. The unit features Auto-Calibration so that the most recent coefficients to compensate the OCXO for drift due to aging and/or temperature are stored and applied to the OCXO during GPS loss of lock conditions.  High performance 26 channel GNSS receiver that supports GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS. By being able to receive data from multiple satellite constellations, lower lock time is achieved. With twice the number of satellites in view, as a GPS only configuration, achieving and maintaining lock in poor signal environments is enhanced.

  • OCXO holdover

  • OCXO stability 5 ppb/day - 50 ppb/ year

  • frequency change from lock state < 10 ppb

  • Auto-Calibration continually preserves OCXO GNSS derived compensation coefficients

  • output is transient and fault  protected

  • fault status drives a front panel LED.

  • low phase noise  -145dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz

  • locked accuracy <E-12

  • front panel status indicators for channel faults, antenna fault or open, oven and unit alert

  • For applications requiring local and Internet control and monitoring see the NR2110-OGP

  • Optional LVDS output - PPS or 10 MHz

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