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Traka has a history of innovation and this positive attitude helps us to develop special solutions for our clients all over the world. From casinos to motor dealerships to warehouse distribution centres in over 40 countries, Traka welcomes the opportunity of developing new and effective bespoke solutions that help to address our customer’s needs.

Some of our additional special product solutions can be found below:

DockSafe & loading bay management

The DockSafe management solution is a unique and easily installed drive off prevention system designed to stop vehicles prematurely leaving the Goods Out bays of a busy distribution centres, the source of many serious accidents each year. 

Alcohol Tester

Intelligent key management with compulsory alcohol testing – a system that will not allow vehicle keys, or keys to access hazardous equipment, to be released until the user has passed an alcohol breath test.

Secure Key Safe

The Traka secure key safe box is used by many organisations, for example, water utility companies wanting to provide key access to remote sites such as water towers and reservoirs, by mobile telephone companies providing remote key access to telephone…

Fork Truck Control

Traka provides a unique fork truck management solution, now installed on over 8,000 trucks in the UK alone.