Traka Web

Advanced key and asset management software

Traka Web is an advanced administration suite for centrally managing Traka Touch key and locker systems on almost any device that can run a browser, including phones, tablets and PCs. Traka Web can support unlimited keys or assets.

Traka Web is the latest generation of administration software improving functionality and maintaining Traka’s technological leadership. The main benefits of Traka Web include ease of deployment, a modern graphical user interface, allowing for remote administration and being more scalable than ever before.

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The benefits

  • Brings users and items side-by-side, making it easy to grant access to items quickly and efficiently.

  • Full audit capability - retains a complete history of all key, asset, locker and user transactions. 

  • Supports a full range of reports to help attain better asset utilisation. 

  • Instant email notifications can be linked to specific asset movements or when an item isn’t returned by its curfew time. 

  • Allows systems to be expanded to thousands of lockers or cabinets on a centrally managed network. 

  • Innovative integration engine allows Traka user permissions to link with existing access control. 

The features:

Item Booking

This allows users to reserve items for a specific period of time. For example; a company pool car may be booked out for a set day for a specific individual, ensuring that the keys are not able to be accessed or taken by other members of staff.

Email notifications

Users can set up email notifications to alert users of specific key/ asset movements, events and overdue curfews. For example, if a cleaner’s master key isn’t returned at the end of their shift at handover time, then an email can be sent to the manager to chase it up.

Custom messages

The custom message feature allows a predefined text to display either before a key/ asset is taken or just after it is returned. For example: remind a staff member to refuel the vehicle after use. This is a great way to remind staff of specific tasks that they may need to carry out.

Fault Logging

Users can record an issue or fault against items such as vehicles or machinery, through to hand held devices in which management will be notified by email. If it is a major fault then the item will be locked in place so that it is not issued to another individual until it is fixed. Based on the criticality of the fault, access rights can be restricted to prevent further damage, wasted time or injury.

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Traka Web supports the administration of Traka key and locker systems. A three tier architecture – Data, Application and Presentation layers, work together to enable Traka Web to be efficient and highly scalable.

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Traka Web brings users and items side by side, making it easy to grant access to multiple items quickly and efficiently. Furthermore it supports item definitions making it simple to manage different types of assets. It provides an auto-sync system for all changes and a traffic light system for all communication processes.

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Traka Web is designed to utilise Microsoft SQL server. It comes with a suite of reports to help better utilise the assets you want to control; activity reports, status reports, utilisation reports, exception reports, permissions reports.