Traka Web

The next generation of administration software!

The next generation of administration software

Secure your assets, Audit their use, and Manage who can access them with the Traka Web key and equipment management software. Traka Web is an advanced software solution, operating as a scalable, web-based administration suite that can run on any authorized device on your network.

Traka Web is our intuitive, browser-based administration software, providing all the tools an organization needs to centrally manage all Traka key cabinets and lockers. With the ability to regionalize administrative control, different areas of an organization can customize its security needs to make keys and assets more efficient and effective for the business. And with the power to integrate into existing third-party systems, Traka Web can greatly reduce administration overhead, and affect the processes critical to your daily operation.


  • Access Schedules

  • Item Booking

  • Fault Logging

  • Notes Logging

  • Custom Messages

  • The next generation of administration software

  • Random or Fixed Return

  • Email and SMS Notifications

  • Real-time Activity Monitoring

  • Bulk Editing capabilities

  • And much more...

Traka Web Benefits

  • Supports the administration of Traka key and locker systems

  • Brings users and items side by side, making it easy to grant access to multiple items quickly and efficiently

  • Offers a suite of reports to help better utilize the assets you want to control; activity reports, status reports, utilization reports, exception reports and permissions reports

  • Keys and assets are readily available 24/7, to authorized users only

  • Full audit capability, retains a complete history of all key, asset, locker and user transactions

  • Multi-lingual user interface

  • Fast to configure and easy to use

  • Centralized control of access to all of your keys and assets

  • Regionalization to maximize control within departments

  • Integration allows Traka user data and access permissions to sync with existing access control, HR databases or third-party systems

  • Notifications to specific asset movements or when an item is past due

  • Authentication with encrypted login credentials and encrypted sensitive data between Traka Web and Traka Touch.